TV viewing is no longer limited to the living room.

Today’s viewers watch what they want to, when they want to, across multiple platforms and devices with fragmented, time-shifted viewing. A normalised behaviour complementing linear broadcast TV consumption.

This creates challenges for advertisers and agencies who want to maintain reach and continue to impact audiences. Videology believes doing that requires marketers to consider the entirety of the video ecosystem through a single lens: Total TV. Only a holistic view is capable of delivering optimal advertising outcomes.

Videology commissioned a Kantar Millward Brown CrossMedia® Research study to analyse and showcase how digital video complements heavyweight TV campaigns.

Videology worked with one of the world’s leading telco brands, a category driver of innovation, to shed light on digital video’s role in complementing TV and driving cost-effective incremental reach. The research further revealed video’s ability to boost brand and product differentiation.


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